Guardianship / Elder Law

     Guardianship is an area of law that most people have never heard of until they suddenly find themselves in guardianship court.  Whether due to a slow illness or a sudden traumatic injury, a person can suddenly find themselves unable to make medical and/or financial decisions for themselves.  Young or old, age makes no difference.  If a person hasn’t made an estate plan (or sometimes even if they have), they often will need the court system to appoint a guardian to make decisions for them. 

     Creation of a guardianship over an individual can be a serious infringement of their Constitutional rights and should not be taken lightly.  Whether you are the person wanting to have a guardianship established or whether you are the person opposing the creation of the guardianship, it can all happen very fast.

     Protecting your loved one and making sure their needs are being met and their rights are being protected is crucial.  Having an attorney to balance those goals and who is intimately familiar with the court process is invaluable.  Without someone knowledgeable to guide you, it may feel like “the blind leading the blind.”  You can’t afford to wait.  Call me now for an appointment to discuss the process and what steps can be taken to best protect your loved one.