Wills & Trusts

     Don’t take a chance that someone else is going to decide what medical care to give you or how to raise your children.   No matter what your economic or financial status, everyone should have an estate plan.  You should know what happens to you, your family and your belongings upon your incompetency or your passing.  Have a plan in place to take care of your medical and financial needs in case you are unable to make your own decisions.  More important, take the necessary steps to make sure your spouse and minor children are taken care of if you are suddenly unable to provide for them. 

     There is a misconception that estate planning is only for the very wealthy.   Not true.   Everyone should have a “plan” that directs how you want your assets administered, your medical care handled, and your minor children raised.  If you don’t create your own plan, did you know that the government will create one for you?  Its called the laws of “intestate succession” and they can be found in the laws of every state.

     The law firm of Shelley D. Krohn, Ltd. prides itself on unparalleled service and is committed to tailoring an estate plan to meet your unique needs.   This can be done using a variety of instruments including wills and trusts.  Mrs. Krohn received an American Jurisprudence Award for Estate Planning.  Call today to meet with a knowledgeable attorney and plan for your future.

Our Commitment

Each of my clients is treated with courtesy and respect.   Take the time to earn your peace of mind.  My years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your future is in good hands.